Honors Freshman Seminar—hon110
Memoirs of Place & Identity

Honors 110 courses introduces the Honors student to the college experience by direct involvement in research, service, and leadership activities. The nature of knowledge; the concept of a university; how a university education changes individuals and affects the future. Includes field experiences, collaborative learning and independent scholarship. Emphasis on discussion; required student projects.

In this seminar, we will explore how place and identity are connected to the ways in which we tell stories. How does your home, the places you’ve lived and visited, the culture you grew up in define you? How does it change the way you might tell a story? How does it shape how you might tell your own story? Over the course of the semester, students will keep a journal documenting their experiences in the transition from home to college-life, which they will use to pen their own short creative nonfiction essay for the final project. Our primary text will be Trespass: Ecotone Essayists Beyond the Boundaries of Place, Identity, and Feminism, an anthology of essays first published in Ecotone, UNCW’s award-winning literary journal on place-based writing.

office hours

MWF 10-11
TR 11-12

Texts Required

Trespass: Ecotone Essayists Beyond the Boundaries of Place, Identity, and Feminism

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Class photo with Trespass by Lindsay Lake, Publishing Assistant for Lookout Books
Trespass photo by Katherine O’Hara, intern for Lookout Books

Taught at University of North Carolina Wilmington (Honors College) 2019