Fairy Tales
(First-Year Writing)


“There are no new stories. There are only new ways to tell them.”


Course description: A trend in pop culture recently has been the retelling of fairy tales. We’ve seen it in Disney’s nearly century old tale of Snow White, their recent retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” as Queen Elsa in Frozen, and in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and NBC’s Grimm. In this course, students will read the original versions of several well-known fairy tales, discuss them in their original context, write reading responses, and then compare them to modern-day versions. We will discuss what the evolution of these tales says about the society in which they were/are told.

Fairy tale characters to be familiar with: Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose, Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, The Snow Queen, the Little Match Girl

Required texts: 
Fairy Tales: Brothers Grimm (BG) 
Complete Works of Hans Christian Anderson (HCA) 
The Curious Researcher (CR)



Week 1
W Aug 20: Introduction to syllabus, diagnostic writing assignment
F Aug 22: In-class exercise, introduction to personal essay

Week 2
M Aug 25: Personal essay discussion continued, freewriting exercise       
W Aug 27: Vladimir Propp (in-class), Brothers Grimm introduction, Response due on intro
F Aug 29:  Peer Response in class
                  First draft Personal Essay due

Week 3
M Sep 1: Labor Day: No Class Meeting
W Sep 3: "The Frog Prince" (BG 15-18), The Princess and the Frog film clips
F Sep 5: "Rapunzel" (BG 66-69), Tangled film clips, "The Jungfrau Maleen" (BG 499-504), Response due

Week 4
M Sep 8: Cinderella (BG 86-93), “Cinderella” (Blackboard), Cinderella film clips
               Begin argument discussion: rhetorical strategies
W Sep 10: "Snow White" (BG 178-186), "Snow-White and Rose-Red" (BG 425-431) Snow White film clips, response due
F Sep 12: Ethos exercises (lyrics), “The Right to Happiness,” C. S. Lewis
               Final draft of Personal Essay due

Week 5
M Sep 15: Logos exercises: Monty Python logical fallacies (in class), read “8 Reasons Not to Send Your Daughter to College”
W Sep 17: Pathos exercises (in class), read “Letter from Birmingham Jail,"
                  "Rumpelstiltskin" (BG 192-194), "The Robber Bridegroom" (BG 141-144), response due
F Sep 19: "The Snow Queen" (HCA), Frozen film clips, Discussion of Argument Essay

Week 6
M Sep 22: "Thumbelina" (HCA),  "The Master-Thief" (BG 488-494), Outlining Argument Essay
W Sep 24: "The Little Mermaid (HCA), The Little Mermaid film clips,  response due
F Sep 26: "The Emperor’s New Clothes" (HCA), Hansel and Grethel (BG 56-63), The Twelve Brothers (BG 38-42) 

Week 7
M Sep 29: "The Little Match Girl" (HCA), Toulmin System Discussion
W Oct 1: Hercules clip, "Orpheus and Eurydice" (Blackboard), response due
F Oct 3: Briar Rose (BG 167-171), Sleeping Beauty film clips 

Week 8
M Oct 6: Library Research Day (meet in library lobby)
W Oct 8: First Draft of Argument Essay Due
F Oct 10: Fall Break: No Class Meeting

Week 9
M Oct 13: No Class Meeting: Columbus Day
W Oct 15: No Class Meeting: Meet Individually for Idea/Research Conferences
F Oct 17: Introduction to Research Papers, samples viewed in class

Week 10
M Oct 20: Revised/Final Draft of Argument Essay Due, read CR Chapter 1
W Oct 22: read CR Chapter 2, Discussion of Annotated Bibs and Research Proposals
F Oct 24: read CR Chapter 3, questions due

Week 11
M Oct 27: Work on freewriting, questions, discuss research ideas
W Oct 29: Research Proposals due, Peer Review on Proposals (in class)
F Oct 31: Once Upon a Time (film episode), response (in class)

Week 12
M Nov 3: Comparative Analysis: Read "The Gunpowder Treason" (Blackboard), V for Vendetta film clips
W Nov 5: read CR Chapters 4 & 5
F Nov 7: Quoting/Paraphrasing/Summarizing review and exercises (review handouts on Blackboard before class)

Week 13
M Nov 10: film clips from Maleficent in class, response due
W Nov 12: Annotated Bibs Due at conferences (no class meeting)
F Nov 14: Annotated Bibs Due at conferences (no class meeting)

Week 14
M Nov 17: Research Project Presentations              
W Nov 19: Research Project Presentations
F Nov 21: Library Day/ Optional Conferences (meet in library lobby)

Week 15
M Nov 24: Grimm (film episode) in-class discussion, response due
W Nov 26: Thanksgiving Break
F Nov 28: Thanksgiving Break

Week 16
M Dec 1: Supernatural (film episode) in-class discussion, response due
W Dec 3: Research Papers due, discuss papers in class
F Dec 5: Review for final together in class


Taught at Belmont University, 2014