College Reading & Writing II
ENG 201


The goal of English 201 is to facilitate the transition from writing and reading based on personal experience (ENG 101 or 100) to writing and reading for the variety of academic purposes students will encounter at UNCW and beyond. Students will aim to:

  • familiarizing oneself with the definition and applications of rhetorical principles;

  • familiarizing oneself with a body of facts, interpretations, or opinions about a given topic (understanding the chosen topic);

  • articulating questions that can be examined productively through research (thesis statements or main points);

  • surveying and assessing conflicting facts, interpretations, or opinions (entering the conversation and understanding opposing positions);

  • adopting and supporting a position, while also remaining tolerant toward conflicting points-of-view and acknowledging their appeal (understanding their position and why they have/hold it).


The Aims of Argument (8th Edition), Timothy W. Crusius and Carolyn E. Channell
They Say, I Say, Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst
UNCW Composition Handbook

office hours

TRs 11-1
Wednesdays 12-2
& by appointment


Sam Winchester- Supernatural
Frank Underwood- House of Cards
V- V for Vendetta
Evey- V for Vendetta

Bible Verse Argument- Ian Gallagher, Shameless
God Hates Haters- Ian Gallagher, Shameless

Donald Trump- Campaign Rally
Michelle Obama- DNC Convention
Barack Obama- Gun Violence