College Reading & Writing I
ENG 101

Composition 1 seeks to identify the structural components, including thesis, supporting evidence, and various rhetorical strategies, for all essays read and written. Students will articulate in a variety of venues how audience expectation shapes purpose in their own writing and in the essays they read. Students will summarize an array of viewpoints they have read on a given topic. Students will synthesize these viewpoints as a means of 'mapping' a field of perspectives. Students will analyze these viewpoints in order to assess how and where their own views and experiences relate to those they've encountered in their reading. Students will engage in rubric-guided peer review. Students will demonstrate through proofreading and editing an awareness of the difference between a working draft and a polished version of an essay. Students will enact a revision of their writing, thereby demonstrating an awareness of the ongoing nature of the writing process.

office hours

MWFs 10-11
TRs 11-12
& by appointment

text required

They Say, I Say (UNCW Edition)
Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing,
Mignon Fogarty

personal narrative

rhetorical analysis

persuasive essay

final project

popular sources

help sheets

Taught at University of North Carolina Wilmington 2019