CRW 201

This course will introduce students to three creative writing genres: poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. Students will read published works in each genre and be expected to discuss assigned readings. Each student will submit an original work for each genre to be workshopped by the class. Coursework will include weekly readings and responses, creative exercises, quizzes, workshop pieces, critiques of peers' work, and a final portfolio.

Texts required:
Show and Tell (UNCW CRW Pub Lab textbook)
Online reading selections

Office Hours:
(spring 2018) MWF 10-11, TR 11-1, and by appointment

schedule of assignments


*revised after Hurricane Florence

Tuesday, October 9: Intro to Fiction; Scene vs. Summary; in-class exercises
Thursday, October 11: Hurricane Michael   (Read “Bikini” by Alicia Erian)

Tuesday, October 16: “How to Talk a Character into Your Story,” Rebecca Lee (SAT 7-9); “Magic Words,” Jill McCorkle (online)
Character Exercise
Due: “Bikini” quiz (Alicia Erian)
Thursday, October 18: “How Efficient Is Your Wheelbarrow?”, Clyde Edgerton (SAT 14-21); “Brownies,” ZZ Packer
Due: Workshop Poem

Tuesday, October 22: Poetry Workshops      
Thursday, October 24: Poetry Workshops

Tuesday, October 30: WRITERS’ WEEK
Thursday, November 1: WRITERS’ WEEK   

Friday, November 2
Writers’ Week write ups

Tuesday, November 6: Poetry Workshops
Thursday, November 8: “What is Creative Writing, Anyway?” Philip Gerard (SAT 155-167); “Cloudburst,” Peter Trachtenburg (261-263); “Witness Tree,” Cameron Dezen Hammon (online)
Due: Years Exercise          

Tuesday, November 13: Camille Dungy: "The Conscientious Outsider" and "Tales from a Black Girl on Fire, or Why I Hate to Walk Outside and See Things Burning" (online)

Thursday, November 15: “Constructing Memoir,” Sarah Messer (SAT 178-180); “The Fire,” Sarah Messer (SAT 227-237)
Due: Prose Workshop Piece

Tuesday, November 20: Prose Workshops
Thursday, November 22: THANKSGIVING

Tuesday, November 27: Prose Workshops
Thursday, November 29: Prose Workshops

 Tuesday, December 4: Prose Workshops
 Thursday, December 6: Prose Workshops



Portfolios should include one revised prose piece, one new prose piece, (at least) one revised poem, and one poem either new or revised (your choice). Please note that unrevised pieces will not receive full credit. Please highlight all changes and include original draft with revised draft. Students should also include a two-page statement discussing their strengths and weaknesses as writers, what they have learned over the semester, and what they have learned about their own writing. These responses can be informal, as long as they are thoughtful and formatted properly. You can read an example here. All documents should be in Times New Roman 12 font, single-spaced poetry and double-spaced prose. Portfolios should contain, in this order: statement, original poem 1, revised poem 1, original poem 2, revised poem 2 (or one new poem), original and revised prose piece, and new prose piece. Whichever prose piece you workshopped in class, CNF or fiction, is the prose piece that should be revised. Portfolios will be uploaded (either as separate docs or one large with appropriate headers) to Canvas.

Taught at University of North Carolina Wilmington, 2015-2018